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Young authoress writes Life! Complications! And Confusion

Young, gifted and inspiring, Victoria Ndjebela. (Photograph contributed)

Young, gifted and inspiring, Victoria Ndjebela. (Photograph contributed)

At only 19, Victoria Ndjebela could perhaps be one of the country’s most profound writers as she embarks on a long journey of self establishment.
Hailing from the small coastal town of Luderitz, one can see why many of her friends define her as one of a kind.
Clearly a passionate writer, Ndjebela expressed her love for pen and paper in her first exclusive interview with the media.
“My inspiration comes from the love I have for writing. Ever since I was in my grade 8 year, I was writing and even before that I wrote but since then, I have been hooked on just writing my mind and took part and won numerous essay competitions.”
Inspired by life in general, Life! Complications,!And Confusion, is the title of the hundred paged book that Ndjebela started working on earlier last year. “I’ve always wanted my readers to be able to relate to what I write of, that is why I decided to base it on reality. I’m highly motivated by different circumstances taking place in the lives of different individuals as well as my own.”
Soft spoken yet courageous and free spirited, Ndjebela told the Economist that the book is a concentration on real life and how it is viewed. “It also speaks to the youth to be more specific and can be defined as a piece that more or less advices one on the do’s and don’ts. At times when I feel confused, I read it, and I get my grip from what I believe to be the greatest of many more of my creations.”
When asked what readers can expect, Ndjebela said, a life changing experience since the book consists of many different topics pertaining to life in general. “There is an element of viewing life from a positive point of view.”
Unlike her peers, and fellow writers, what distinguishes Ndjebela could perhaps be the strong determination that she has shown as there is no denying that funding is a major obstacle especially for someone that is new to the publication scene.  
Ndjebela who currently lives with her aunt said that her only intention so far is to continue writing. “I don’t plan on stopping just here. I have only begun on my journey, I want to reach out and satisfy my readers, all I need is a reliable sponsor that can invest in me,” she said.
Sharing her dream, the young lady said that she does not aim to be the best seller rather she wants to be an inspiration to many. “I want to be a role model and have a positive impact, this is my way of ploughing back into my community.”
The official launching date has not been set yet as printing is still ongoing and once complete, the date will be revealed. She said that based on the demand for the book, more shall be printed but the initial printing target is between two thousand and three thousand copies, however interested parties are urged to invest in the book funding as it will help get the book into the market much faster.

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