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Stationery and furniture donation to boost learners abilities

Stationery and furniture donation to boost learners abilities

By Linda Machinga

Monte Christo Primary Project School recently received stationery and furniture valued at N$25,000 from First National Bank Namibia last week.

Branch Manager at FNB Katutura, Floriana Kisting said that as a cooperate citizen, FNB recognises the importance of partnering with government to meet the needs of the community.

“FNB Namibia cares deeply about your success and is prepared to invest in your future. We believe you deserve the best we can afford to give, we believe you are capable of doing well, and we believe you will build an even better society when it is your turn to inherit this great nation.” added Kisting

Over the last past years education and financial literacy received a big portion from the FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust.

“To become a happy, healthy, well-educated and nourished nation as set out in the Harambee Prosperity plan, it is vitally important to ensure that the tools towards achieving these goals are there for people to benefit from,” said Kisting.

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