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Delta School competes against the best in Collegiate Cyber Defence Invitational – bags award

Delta School competes against the best in Collegiate Cyber Defence Invitational – bags award

Namibia participated in the International Collegiate Cyber Defence Invitational and was represented by Delta Secondary School (DSS) which went on to win the Attackers choice team award.

The cyber security competition which took place last week was aimed at creating awareness for cyber security and at the same time teach and learn from each other.

Delta participated against universities and colleges from the US and Indonesia.

The category winners were as follows: Best index score :BYUU (Brigham Young University Utah); Honourable mention: Ever Green (Evergreen College).

Best collaborative team: BYUU (Brigham Young University Utah); Honourable Mention: Delta Secondary School.

Best Uptime: BYUU (Brigham Young University Utah); Honourable Mention: Delta Secondary School.

Attackers choice team: Delta Secondary School; Honourable Mention: BYUU (Brigham Young University Utah).

According to a statement the objective was to get computer-users to become aware of cyber-security, hacking and how to protect themselves against real and potential threats.

“Getting users to be conscious of online threats as early as possible, creates savvy online users that keep themselves, their data and the organisations they work for safe. The aim is to learn, teach, help and ultimately, create better computer administrators, with knowledge of cyber threats,” they said.

This year’s theme was all about teamwork, with a twist. Previously teams had not been allowed to assist each other in blocking the attacks coming from the RED team (hackers). Now teams could collaborate and Where this is exactly what happened. When the first attacks happened, teams started to collaborate and quickly find innovative ways to keep the RED team out.

Meanwhile, Green Enterprise Solutions, a great fan of this initiative said this is the second time that it has been involved and now actually as a participant in the competition.

Llewellyn le Hané Founder of Green Enterprise Solutions said; “At Green we feel strongly about creating awareness and educating Namibia and Namibians about cyber threats and hacking, this is why Green supports this fantastic initiative.

“We assisted both on the hacking team and also had a well-trained judge on the judging panel. It especially fills us with pride to see a Namibian school, Delta Secondary School winning in the category Best Attackers Choice Team as well as getting an honourable mention for being one of the ‘Best collaborative teams’, it means that Namibia’s ICT-Security future is in safe hands,” he added.

In October, the annual National cyber security competition will take place and Green will be strongly represented, feeling its part of its corporate social responsibility to assist Colleges and Universities right here in Namibia and create future ICT professionals.

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