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UNESCO does not distribute money willy-nilly to the poor

UNESCO does not distribute money willy-nilly to the poor

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in the country this week warned the public about a scam that has surfaced on social media platforms.

In a statement the UN agency said it became aware of a WhatsApp message being circulated, claiming financial assistance to individuals who wish to subscribe via this link:

The agency in the statement informed the public at large that this is a scam and the agency will not provide US$1,000 to people in need around the world as highlighted by the message.

“UNESCO does not distribute money freely to the poor. All applications for any kind of assistance is 100% done on the official website of UNESCO,The website is a phishing website created by scammers to collect money or personal details from gullible individuals.

Our official French global UNESCO website is: and the official English global UNESCO website is:,” ,” the statement read.

Furthermore the agency said UNESCO advocates for Education, Natural science, Social and Human science, Culture, Communication and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and will never charge any fees, nor mandate anybody to circulate any communication for financial assistance on WhatsApp or Social media.


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