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PDM urges law enforcement agents to act timely before acts of violence occur

PDM urges law enforcement agents to act timely before acts of violence occur

The main political opposition party in Namibia, PDM said that law enforcement agents in the country should exercise due diligence when it comes to cases of gender based violence reported timely to avoid and reduce their prevalence.

PDM-Women’s League-Secretary General, Loide Iipinge said this in a statement following the massacre of 5 family members with an ax on Sunday by a young man in Rundu.

The family members murdered included two women and three minors.

“It is unfortunate that despite the matter having been reported before the act, the law enforcement agents did not exercise their right to protect and serve the people, which could have acted as a deterrent in this particular case,” said Iipinge.

According to Iipinge more measures could also been implemented such as whistle blowing, if people feel there is a looming case of violence as well as counseling for both affected women, children and men for them to make informed decisions about their daily conduct.

“We continue to make our voice heard that we do not encourage any form of violence for women and children and also men, despite men having the highest numbers of perpetrators,” she said.

Meanwhile PDM has called upon those that have been charged with such duties at police stations and hospitals, to start performing their duties fully.

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