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Exotic birds and poultry go under the hammer at maiden auction

Exotic birds and poultry go under the hammer at maiden auction

By Natasha Jacha

Agra hosted the first exotic birds and poultry auction a fortnight ago in Otjiwarongo. The event attracted great interest as a total of 40 buyers registered.

According to the organisors the auction followed shortly after a very successful Kekkel, Quack and Kraai poultry auction which was concluded in Windhoek, where a variety of ducks, geese, chickens and turkeys was sold by Agra for the very first time.

At the recent auction at Otjiwarongo, Agra for the first time also sold exotic birds. According to the organisors poultry and pigeons were very popular among buyers, but the parrots and lovebirds delivered the highest turnover for the day.

A total of 101 parrots and lovebirds were offered at the auction, as well as 92 poultry, 51 doves and pigeons, 26 finches and 22 pheasants and quails.

Namibia Agricultural Society club treasurer, Ben van der Merwe said the society was pleased with Agra’s service and especially the marketing of the auction.

Van der Merwe explained how important it is for the public to be made aware of such an auction, something that Agra handled very well.

Meanwhile, another Kekkel, Quack & Kraai poultry auction is also scheduled for Thursday 2 August at 17:00 in Windhoek at the Agra / Bank Windhoek Ring.

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