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Less traffic infringements at coastal roads

A traffic officer administering a breathalyser test to a truck driver.

A traffic officer administering a breathalyser test to a truck driver.

The coastal towns of Walvis bay and Swakopmund experienced fewer traffic offences during the festive season.
The Erongo region is one of the regions that contiues to experience many road traffic accidents especially during the festive season as many holiday makers travel to the coastal regions. Apart from speeding, drunken driving and quad bike offences reported in the area of Mile 4, no fatalities were reported in the region during December alone.
According to Manager of Traffic Services at Swakopmund Municipality, Melvin Cloete, there was a significant decrease in crime related offences with the police confirming that house breaking in general had decreased tremendously. Cloete said that the reported  major offenders were young male between the ages of 18 and 30.
“The crime rate all over was very low,  all of this was due to the fact that the community recently established a Neighborhood watch service which really helps to reduce crime in every facet,” Cloete told the Economist.  He also said that traffic control was very quiet  as motorists behaved very well, although the Central Business Area experienced a shortage of parking due to a high number of vehicles. “ We however managed to handle the parking space as the need arised,” he said.
To effectively control traffic at the coast, Cloete urges that more manpower and the visibility of all law enforcement agencies should be implemented especially during holiday season. “Fighting  crime is not only the duty of law enforcers but it is the duty of every Namibian in order to make our country safer,” Cloete said.

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