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Elso Holdings introduces new products during its launch in the North focusing on job creation and growth

Elso Holdings introduces new products during its launch in the North focusing on job creation and growth

Elso Holdings last week hosted an event in Ongwediva to launch a new range of products and announced an upgrade to its manufacturing operations.

During the launch present and future stakeholders were able to engage with Hilton Loring, Elso CEO appointed in August 2017.

At the event the plans to grow this emphatically local company into a local world class manufacturing company were unveiled. With ambitious plans to increase production, upgrade its manufacturing facilities and at the same time stimulate employment growth and contribute to the Namibian economy.

Elso was acquired just over 20 months ago by the Allegrow Fund and is managed by Eos Capital. The Allegrow Fund invests in businesses with the potential for growth and provides them with capital and strategic support to achieve their full potential. It gives Elso Holdings the basis from which to grow and successfully build on a 60-year legacy.

Elso is well-positioned to grow, building on its proven manufacturing track record and strong historical base and stakeholder relationships. The organisation already has a strong manufacturing base with production facilities in Swakopmund and Windhoek, employing over 140 people

Over the next two years, Elso will embark on upgrading and modernizing its manufacturing facilities to increase capacity and output.

The programme will help realise Elso’s strategic and business goals by creating a strong and sustainable manufacturing business within Namibia, which will also drive job growth. Adding to its consumer product range and giving consumers access to refill facilities for their cleaning products, is part of the roll-out.

All the activities that were announced in the North allow Elso to deliver on its promise to provide affordable, effective products and environmentally gentle products to the Namibian market.

In order to ensure the company delivers its promise, the company is embracing the expert cleaning solution you can always trust position throughout its value system, it will be investing behind the scenes ensuring that its people, systems and process deliver fully the business strategy and so that Elso may become a high performing organisation.

Looking at future developments, Elso has signed a number of innovation contracts with key suppliers to ensure that the future of the company. This will enable fast tracking new ingredients and trends; one of its primary focuses is bringing value to the current product range and building on its buy cleaner buy greener history.

In the first step of the Journey, Elso unveiled a new range of products at the launch on 25 April, behind their biggest market leading brand- Citro.

Elso launched its new range of Citro products during the event in Ongwediva last week. This brand extension will complement a range of cleaning products that consumers are already familiar with. The new products introduced are CITRO POWER multipurpose cleaner as well as CITRO SHINE, glass cleaner.

The new position and campaign as well as the total overhaul and improvement of Elso’s business, its strategy and investments are supported by an exciting new advertising campaign that launched in May, 2018. The campaign – ITS NOT JUST CLEAN-ITS ELSO CLEAN, is uniquely designed to target both consumers and business to business community.

Hilton Loring, CEO of Elso Holding said; “We are proud of our heritage and we thank all our partners, customers, suppliers and our employees for their support in building Elso into the great business it is today. We invite all of our stakeholders to be part of our next exciting chapter as we grow into our new promise.”

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