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‘All potholes will be repaired by the end of July’ – Windhoek City fathers

‘All potholes will be repaired by the end of July’ – Windhoek City fathers

Due to complains about the conditions of the roads, especially potholes, the City of Windhoek this week reassured residents that they have a plan in motion to fix all the roads by the end of next month.

At a press conference held this week the authourity’ said that Windhoek city has around 2823 potholes mainly in the Northern Suburbs of Windhoek.

Lydia Amutenya, Public Relations Officer said that they are doing their best to resurface the roads and fill the potholes as a matter of urgency.

“We expect all potholes to be fixed by the end of July, which will include the replacement of potholes repaired temporarily, while we are engaging alternative pothole repair products,” she said.

Amutenya said they have repaired 942 potholes in the Southern Suburbs which took an average of 23 days to repair and 753 potholes in the Northern Suburbs which took an average of 21 days to repair.

“The tender rate to repair a pothole is N$294.63and an estimate 3000 potholes will cost the City N$883,890 and the budget for surface repair for the 2017/2018 financial year is N$26,350,000 of which N$11,152,470 million will be used, thus no shortage of funds exist to repair potholes,” she added.

Meanwhile, Amutenya said that road infrastructures make a crucial contribution to peoples lives and thus its importance cannot be over emphasised.

“It is unfortunate that this year the City experienced an unintended delay with the procurement process and thus could not appoint the Unit Rate Contractors and required materials on time,” she said

Despite the delay this year, Amutenya promised to deliver on the City’s mandate and enhance the quality of life for all the people through rendering efficient and effective municipal services.

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