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Film on child marriages to premiere at the Warehouse Theatre

Film on child marriages to premiere at the Warehouse Theatre

The Ombetja Yehinga Organisation (OYO) will premiere their latest DVD ‘Kukuri’ which focuses on child marriages in the country on 14 June at the Warehouse Theatre at 20:00.

UNICEF revealed in 2015 that over 5400 child marriages in Namibia are estimated, with a shocking 1660 boys and 3828 girls becoming victims of child marriages.

Philippe Talavera, Directory of OYO said at first when he read the statistics he was a little bit skeptical and that is whey they sent some of their staff to the Kavango and Zambezi regions to look for those children.

“To my surprise we found them fairly easily, some who accepted to be interviewed and to share their stories with use,” he explained.

After the interviews a group of writers listened to the recorded interviews and based on the testimonies, started to work on the script, with stories from the Omusati, Kavango East, Kavango West and Zambezi regions.

The film, shot on location, is in the local languages, with subtitles and stars George Antonio, also seen Salute, and a local cast led by Hanty Kashongo as Kukuri, Nangana Mushavanga, Diyanni Langwani, Renah Xueson and Mbango Munyima.

Kukuri was produced and directed by Philippe Talavera with Bernd Curshmann as director of photography, Kauna Hoabeb as sound editor, Nyandee Mbarandongo as first assistant director and rehearsals director and Una Hoebel as make up and special effects.

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