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Exam results

The results of the Grade 10 full time and part time learners as well as Grade 12 Higher Level learners  are available as of 20 December at 24:00 on the Ministry of Education website and the SMS service.
Briefing the media on Wednesday, the Minister of Education, Abraham Iyambo said the 2012 results for Grade 10 and 12 full time shows a relative improvement compared to 2011. The results for Grade 10 part time have also improved marginally. 33,428 Grade 10 learners registered for the national examinations as full time candidates, with only 17,407 learners qualifying for admission to Grade 11 next year which means that 52.1% of the candidates have qualified for Grade 11 compared to 51.5% in 2011.
The Ministry has kept its passing points at 23 since 2000 and an F as a minimum grade in English for admission to Grade 11.
“The number of candidates qualifying for admission to Grade 11 in 2013 might increase to approximately 20,107 because part-time candidates build up subject credits over a couple of years” he said.
However overall results show that part-time Grade 10 candidates performed much better in this year’s examination as there was an improvement in all Grades ranging from A to G which is supported by a decrease in the ungraded entries from 14.3% to 10.5% in 2012.
Referring to the Grade 12 Higher Level Results, the minister said a total of 10,610 of the 52,529 Grade 12 candidates entered for one or more NSSC higher level subjects.

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