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Youth league spoils their own future incomes

SWAPO Party Youth League (SPYL) has noted, with high degree of tremor, that despite the fact that Namibia, a small population state, is scandalously awarded and certified as one of the most unequal nations on the face of the earth – despite high levels of unemployment and poverty – despite socio-economic hardships; a tiny minority of 239 politicians (ruling party and opposition politicians) are set to march on the path towards enrichment, accumulation and conspicuous consumption.
The Public Office Bearers Remuneration and Benefits Commission (POBRBC) proposed to the establishment that the already poor and suffering Namibians must part ways with N$45 million to make possible the luxurious 31% increase for the salaries of the politicians. The POBRBC made preposterous claims and insinuations that the politicians are not remunerated sizeably. Currently, an average politician may take home about half a million, N$500,000, per year, yet, the POBRBC would have us believe otherwise.
What the POBRBC did not tell the Namibians is the possibility of truth that the country may have to borrow money, placing us in more debt than we already may be, to shoulder this ostentatious and grandiose salary increase.
Namibians must reject the fallacy postulated by the POBRBC that if this is not done now the cost to the country may be higher in the future. The POBRBC provided weak, if any, evidence to advance the case of accumulation of the establishment that delivered them to the commission.
While civil servants had to go and rely on strikes to advance the case of their poor salaries, risking their jobs and having the security and judicial system set on them, the politicians simply relax, sit in their air-conditioned offices and wait for those serving them as appointed by the establishment to propose their luxurious increases. The POBRBC did not disappoint in this regard. In fact, the proposal will result in some politicians taking home about N$1 million, [N$1,000,000] on average per annum.
What this means for the poor, the unemployed and the destitute Namibians is simple; only politicians have a future in Namibia.
All is not lost though, H.E. Comrade Pohamba, President of the Republic can still ascend to the pedestal of moral leadership. We expect our humble President to reject this proposal of flamboyance. Should there be any evidence of a need for salary increment, then it must be set at 8%, the same 8% given to civil servants after a protracted bargaining.
Job Shipululo Amupanda
Swapo Youth League
[email protected]
(Statement published unchanged i.t.o. grammar and style – Ed.)

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