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Young entrepreneur helps people shed excess weight to prevent chronic diseases

Young entrepreneur helps people shed excess weight to prevent chronic diseases

Corporate Branding and Marketing Manager at Agro Marketing and Trade Agency (AMTA), Meke Namindo, has seen how people in the country are becoming excessively obese each year, which is resulting in the prevalence of preventable chronic diseases.

It is through this that she decided to open her own business, Mekenificent – a local wellness service, where she coaches and teaches people to transform their body mass index and stay healthy.

Meke said she has worked for two years on a guidance programme to assist people to lead healthier lifestyles.

“I created the programme because people needed an intervention to take better care of their health, now it is here and it will help employees and families with their fitness and weight, and in just 31 days people can start to feel and see a difference,” she explained.

The programme comes with a 31 day calendar helping users to pick what to eat daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has a healthy shopping guide for smarter choices when in supermarkets. It also comes with workout guides and videos demonstrating proper techniques for workouts to get the desired results. Finally, it includes a measuring tape that helps motivate slimmers when they see how the inches melt away.

“The programme is easy as it has 100% local products which are readily available in the country which any busy body or traveller can access at home or at work,” she said.

According to Meke, she has managed to help different client to shed anything from 9.5 to 30 kg through her fitness and wellness programmes.

“Mekenificent Wellness programmes are here to help you stay motivated. Even if you do not have the resources to implement a complete wellness programme, there are several things you can do that show you value your health,” she concluded.

Caption: One of the product s offered by  Mekenificent to help with the weightloss programme

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