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Awareness of debilitating nerve condition helps diagnose Multiple Sclerosis earlier

Awareness of debilitating nerve condition helps diagnose Multiple Sclerosis earlier

By Natasha Jacha

Multiple Sclerosis (MS), the relatively rare but debilitating condition manifested by a gradual, progressive loss of motor neuron functionality, was put under the spotlight this week with the commemoration of World Multiple Sclerosis day. The focal point of the special day was Research #bringinguscloser.

A chronic, non-fatal disease, MS is believed by researchers to be genetic in origin although this view is not unanimously accepted in medical research. It causes the deterioration of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord leading to sufferers becoming increasingly disoriented and uncoordinated in their muscle movements.

Eventually, the disease causes severe disability making the sufferer totally dependent on care givers.

As an uncommon condition that only manifests later in life, it is difficult to diagnose. Once the symptoms are clearly manifest, it is typically too late to arrest or reverse the condition. The patient is then dependent on ambulatory support, basic care, and in the extreme stages, on artificial sustenance.

The local campaign is supported by FNB Namibia.

Caption: FNB Namibia showed their support for World Multiple Sclerosis Day on 30 May 2018 by wearing orange in various branches and at the Head Office. Employees of FNB Namibia received information graphics as well as a promotional item to raise awareness of the disease. “Employee Wellness is very important at FNB Namibia,” said Jaunita Slinger, Wellness Coordinator at the Bank. “We have a dedicated wellness team as well as an on-site clinic, regular health screenings, health awareness and we provide telephonic, electronic, and face-to-face assistance to our employees.



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