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Abnormal heavy vehicles banned from national roads

Abnormal heavy vehicles will not be allowed to travel on the national road network from 04 December to 06 January 2013.
According to Roads Authority’s manager of Corporate Communication, Hileni Fillemon, all abnormal vehicles found travelling on the national road network during this period will be required to produce a special permit accompanied by valid reasons related to issues of national importance or emergencies.
“Many people will be travelling to their holiday destinations, hence this interim measure is part of the Roads Authority’s effort to enhance road safety,” she said.
She further said that exemption will only be given to abnormal vehicles carrying perishable items or high cube containers. The rest must obtain proper authorising documentation from the Roads Authority.
“The Roads Authority is mandated by the Roads and Transport Act, 1999( Act No.22 of 1999) to regulate all abnormal vehicles or loads. The Roads Authority wish all road users a safe festive season and a prosperous 2013,” she added.
All NATIS, countrywide offices will be open during the holiday and will only be closed during the big days in the holiday.

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