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SunCycles to introduce “Full Suspension electric Fatbike” at the Tourism Expo

SunCycles to introduce “Full Suspension electric Fatbike” at the Tourism Expo

By Natasha Jacha

Electro-mobility service provider, SunCycles will introduce the first locally designed, Full Suspension electric Fatbike at the 2018 Tourism Expo on Thursday at the Windhoek Showgrounds.

The launch of the product is inline with the theme of moving towards sustainable environment, as the Expo this year will embrace ecotourism.

According to the company the Fatbike, is suitable for tourists as it ensures a smooth ride even in the most rough and rugged off-road terrain.

“It is also a silent and emission free and does not scare away wildlife. This unique bicycle design is ideal for a special nature experience as it can be used to explore existing animal tracks,” SunCycles said.

The company decided to introduce the Fatbike as it caters for everyone and gives renewable energy and sustainable mobility which quad bikes and cars do not have as they cause major damage to the environment with toxic fumes.

“In addition, the bike does not pollute the environment and hence it is a good as Namibia trying to move back to having a clean environment. The environment will be kept clean with use of these types of bikes. And its tyres can take up an adventure through sandy riverbeds, up the highest dunes and the rockiest of roads,” they added.

Meanwhile, SunCycles said its electric Fatbike offers clean and sustainable mobility, making local roads free from carbon emissions, noise and traffic congestion. It is also an enjoyable form of locomotion for the cycling enthusiast.

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