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Mcoin releases Virtual SMS Wallet

Mcoin releases Virtual SMS Wallet

London, UK, 29 May — mCoin the Cryptocurrency which works on any mobile with or without the internet, announced the release of the virtual SMS wallet to thousands in the mCoin community globally who are keen to participate in this new technology.

Christopher Richardson, CEO of ONEm Communications, said, “Connecting people with financial services is a key challenge in Africa. Our innovative service allows people to use an ordinary mobile for business and complex financial transactions. Soon we will be announcing significant government partnerships in Africa regarding support for the ONEm ecosystem.”

Unlike other tokens and cryptocurrencies, mCoin is taking a completely new approach with a technology that works outside the domain of the internet. mCoin’s Virtual Wallet provides the 3 billion who are unconnected, a way to participate in the cryptocurrency revolution. mCoin is already integrated with the ONEm ecosystem services for Pseduo Mining, a novel method of mining to earn mCoins.

Anyone with a mobile phone will be able to access the Virtual Wallet and interact via SMS interface. mCoins can be transferred to another virtaul wallet owner by using ONEm’s global identity names instead of the traditional long cryptocurrency addresses. This approach will make trading more feasible and user friendly.

mCoin’s Virtual Wallet creates credit card-like transactions that lets users build their own credit history. These credit histories can be used for lenders to determine lower lending rates based on transaction merit.

To get a virtual wallet, customers will be able to join mCoin’s Airdrop Programme and earn free mCoins.

Anyone willing to own more will have to join the ICO and wil be able to acquire mCoins at 3¢ now before the price increases to 5¢ on 3rd of June.

Any customer can from now on sign up on mCoin website and get a refferal link to share with their network so that they can get an additional 5% bonus. (APO)



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