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Environment Ministry gives guidelines ahead of the National Clean-Up Campaign

Environment Ministry gives guidelines ahead of the National Clean-Up Campaign

By Natasha Jacha

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism has given out guidelines on how to collect rubbish during the National Clean-Up Campaign on 25 May.

According to the ministry, in order to promote the principle of reducing, reusing and recycling waste, they will be two bags used to collect the rubbish. The clear bags will be for all recyclable waste and the black bags for the non-recyclable waste.

The clear bag will consist recyclable waste such as glass bottles and jar, plastic bags, packaging and plastic bottles, papers including the newspapers and magazines, cardboard packaging and boxes, tins and cans, and foam and foil used for packaging sweets, chips and take away foods.

While the black plastic bags will consist of clothing and other fabrics, nappies, small batteries and organic waste such as food scraps and garden waste.

However, the waste collected in the black refuse bags will be transported to the nearest waste disposal site. And it is planned to transport all the waste collected in clear bags to the nearest local recycling centres.

Meanwhile, the Rent a Drum, in collaboration with other business participants, will co-ordinate the pick-up and transportation of these clear bags.

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