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Telecom expands services to Opuwo – rural community to access fast internet connectivity

Telecom expands services to Opuwo – rural community to access fast internet connectivity

By Natasha Jacha

The community in Opuwo, in the Kunene Region will now have the opportunity to access fast internet connectivity following the launch of Telecom Namibia’s high speed Internet and fixed broadband services by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Stanley Simataa last week.

According to Telecom, the 3G was installed on the 30 metre tower mountain which will only be able to give access to a radius of 30 kilometres.

With the installation, residents of Otuani, 70 kilometres south west of Opuwo can now enjoy the benefits of Telecom’s fast and reliable high speed basic and advanced mobile and fixed voice and date packages.

Telecom also managed to install a fixed broadband that is meant to provide telecommunication access to the services such as clinics, schools and constituency office to the people of Otuani community.

At the launch the ministry said it was proud of this key milestone happening in Otuani, which is a testament to Telecom’s commitment to expand its fixed line, Internet and mobile services to communities across the country.

Additionally the ministry said closing the connectivity gap is a top priority for government as access to fast and reliable ICT services is a game changer in today’s world.

“With government being part of the ICT infrastructural development under the fourth pillar of the Harambee Prosperity Plan, is working tirelessly to provide connectivity to all areas of the country, paving the way for every citizen to have access to a fixed broadband connection or a mobile phone signal, with special emphasis on rural areas,” said Simataa.

Meanwhile, Telecom Namibia is busy laying down infrastructure including kilometres of optical fibre network from Eenhana to Okongo via Omundaungilo and Oshikunde to bring digital connectivity to the country’s remote areas.

Furthermore a number of projects are underway to expand and modernise the telecommunications infrastructure across the regions in order to provide affordable services to rural areas.

For rural communities, the introduction of ICT services will yield additional economic benefits and can help create new business opportunities and jobs, Simataa added.



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