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Solar power saves supermarket 40% on electricity bill

Woermann Brock MD, Jeske Woermann throws the switch to put the /Ae//Gams supermarket in Windhoek on solar power.

Woermann Brock MD, Jeske Woermann throws the switch to put the /Ae//Gams supermarket in Windhoek on solar power.

Woermann Brock /Ae//Gams supermarket is now driven by solar power, at least when the sun shines. This is the biggest commercial solar installation in Namibia to date and has been designed and installed by Solar Age in partnership with the German company, SolarWorld Africa.
The project, a photovoltaic installation with an output of 237kWp, is comprised of 948 Solar World 240 Watt panels. This system generates power to supply the supermarket with electricity for all their general day-to-day requirements ranging from the bakery to butchery, cafeteria food-preparation, cooling and space lighting. Based on the electricity consumption change since the installation was completed, the energy produced will off-set close to 40% of the supermarket’s daily electricity need. Annually this will result in the production of 450,300kWh of clean electricity.
For International Pharmacy situated in the same complex just outside the Woermann Brock entrance, Solar Age has done a similar but smaller installation comprising 89 SolarWorld 240W panels with a total output of 21.360kWp. The system will have an annual energy production of 40,584kWh.
“Our partnership with SolarWorld has seen many successes thus far. Their world-class German technology which has a good standing in Namibia, coupled with our local expertise and knowledge of the location and environmental aspects, have been a winning combination, offering clients an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative energy solution,” explains Conrad Roedern, Solar Age Namibia Managing Director.
Solar Age which has years of experience in providing quality sustainable energy solutions, has recently completed three landmark projects with SolarWorld technology. The first is for Nampower, and the other two are for the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) and the Hanns-Seidel Foundation.
“Through the implementation of these unique projects, each with its own set of challenges, Solar Age has proven that they, with the support of our technology, have the expertise, inventory and support to successfully coordinate large scale projects and sufficiently service clients across all locations” says Gregor Küpper, SolarWorld Africa Managing Director.
“Our decision [to] use solar energy is based on two important factors, the moral obligation to conserve our planet by reducing carbon emissions, and an economic decision because of the constant electricity price increases, thus we are trying alternative energy sources.” says Jesko Woermann, Woermann, Brock & Co Managing Director, commenting that: “Every bit helps, whether it is changing to energy efficient light bulbs or generating a portion of your energy needs via a solar system at your household and business.”

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