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Paratus Botswana to equip employees with the skills needed to meet the challenges of the fast-evolving technological world

Paratus Botswana to equip employees with the skills needed to meet the challenges of the fast-evolving technological world

Paratus Botswana which is part of Paratus Group, which is a privately owned local telecoms operator with its head office in Windhoek, recently launched a new initiative that is aimed at equipping employees with the skills needed to meet the challenges of the fast-evolving technological world.

The company launched an intensive training course for staff to futureproof customers’ networking infrastructure.

As a talent-led organisation, Paratus aims to develop the critical skills needed to make market-relevant interventions and provide the enhanced, highly specialised skills needed to serve its business clients.

This certification will enable staff to service customers better by ensuring that their local area network (LAN) does not limit communication.

Paratus Botswana managing director, Shawn Bruwer said poor installations with substandard cable and equipment, dramatically reduces productivity.

“Paratus has extended its service portfolio to Local Area Network Cabling to ensure customer infrastructure is well designed and of a high quality which then pairs perfectly with our quality connectivity solutions. We often have issues within the customer LAN that then affects connectivity,” he said

“We have gone one step further and are now certified to install the best LAN equipment which is of such a high standard that a 25 year warranty is provided on the Molex installations,” he added.

The Molex structured cabling installed by Paratus Botswana with their certified Molex Network Installers, provides a 25-year warranty on the products and installation. To ensure maximum efficiency for its customers, Paratus supplies state-of-the-art category 6/6A/7 LAN cable and accessories that meet International standards.

“Our success can largely be attributed to our investment in our workforce and high-end, quality technology. This partnership enables us to provide quality networks that enhance the efficiencies and communication within organisations,” he added.

Paratus has a range of engineers and it is crucial that all the engineers understand the fundamentals of cabling and are able to assist with installations.

Paratus’ investment in the training of employees in various areas of expertise is one way in which it empowers employees to become professionals in leading-edge technology and service delivery.

“Cheap LAN installations eventually become very costly. A Molex certified installation will provide service in excess of 25 years. Cheap installations frustrate the business and can lead to eventually replacing the entire cabling which is a major disruption to the business and can lead to significant other costs including downtime. It is better to do it properly from the start,” he said.

According to Bruwer particular attention and budget must be provided where new buildings are in the construction or planning phase where provision needs to be made for proper cabling. “That is one of the aspects that is often neglected, since the architects and consulting engineers do not plan for this additional cost.”

“As the world has become increasingly digital and more interconnected, the training of employees is an important step for the company in order to meet tomorrow’s business needs,” he added.


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