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Speaking to promote One Economy Foundation lands Monica professional speaker accolade

Speaking to promote One Economy Foundation lands Monica professional speaker accolade

An award conferred by the Professional Speakers Association of Namibia in April on First Lady Monica Geingos, was received by her in person this week. The award is in recognition of her massive contribution to poverty alleviation through the One Economy Foundation which the First Lady promotes by her many public speaking engagements.

The First Lady is not a member of the Association but the award is designated also for non-members who make a substantial contribution to change the world for the better. The award is named accordingly, the “Change our World” award.

In a letter to Madame Geingos informing her about the award, Siegfried Lange, the speakers association’s President, noted that their board unanimously agreed she deserves this award, extending their appreciation for the crisp and succinct way she conveys complex ideas through her speaking appearances.

“The award is offered to a member or non-member who has impacted the Namibian society and world at large through their speaking. Additionally, the recipient should have purposefully used their speaking platform to create an improved society,” said Lange.

The Professional Speakers Association of Namibia is a member of the Global Speakers Federation and has done remarkable work in the area of training public speakers and building their confidence.

Caption: First Lady Monica Geingos (left) this week received the Change our World award from the President of Namibia’s professional speakers association, Siegfried Lange.



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