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Weaving collection to go on display at Start Art Gallery

Weaving collection to go on display at Start Art Gallery

‘Mind to Hand’ an exhibition of miniature weaving by Lynette Dergaardt will open on 17 May and conclude on 8 June, at the StArt Art Gallery.

Mind to Hand is a collection of three different series’ of miniature textiles, the Experimental Weaving Collection, the Recycled Weaving Collection and the Adinkra Weaving Collection, which are all results of the artist’s exploration of different weaving techniques.

The Experimental collection, Diergaardt has put to test the idea that there is a direct link between the mind and the hand. Attempting to work spontaneously through her artistic process, this series of hand weavings showcases the results of an internal reflection by the artist about her own thought process.

While the Recycled Weaving Collection is made up of miniature textiles created using old, recycle materials which formerly clustered the artist’s home.

She said that these weavings are her contribution to cleaning up the environment by not throwing materials away.

Meanwhile, the Andikra series is inspired by the Adinka symbols used by the Asante people from Ghana. These artworks are made with a Digital Dobby Loom, which is a computerised loom that allows the weaver to design and create digital images which are woven into tapestry.

“Each weaving is a testament of my gratitude, love and respect to each individual for the wisdom, love guidance, leadership that they have imparted imparted to me,” she said.

Diergaardt’s dedication to the technologies of textile production has led her to experiment with hand-weaving in terms of its technical as well as conceptual processes.



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