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No snow, still lots of fun!

Santa is coming to town… and he is bringing his delightful wife and obedient elf. Although the notion of a white Christmas is unheard of in Namibia, the festive picture will not be complete without the northern hemisphere elements attached to the myth. The scorching heat and lack of humidity leave Windhoek less than desirable during Christmas. This has not stopped Young Designers advertising agency to take the initiative and adorn the Wernhil mall with tinsels and décor to remind the busy Windhoekers that Christmas is here. Their stall is opposite Pick n Pay where kids get the opportunity to have their pictures taken with Santa and the rest of the Arctic crowd for a mere twenty dollars. There is also a section for gift wrapping not to mention something for the kiddies: free candy and free stickers.  The idea is to promote a white Christmas this holiday season full of cheer and glee. With snowmen, sleighs and Christmas trees, Wernhil has been transformed into a magical place where shopping is fun and exciting. “The lack of snow doesn’t mean a lack of fun” said the dedicated elves. (Photograph by Daniel Kavishe)

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