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Children under 15 account for 16% of total road fatalities – MVA

Children under 15 account for 16% of total road fatalities – MVA

Motor vehicle crashes are among the leading causes of injuries and fatalities for children between the ages of zero to 15, the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund said.

Statistics by from the Fund indicate that from January to 31 March children between the ages of zero and 15 accounted for 16% of total fatalities.

The Fund stressed that the high road safety risks faced by children is augmented at night, before and after school hours, during weekends, holidays and school holidays because children are most likely to be playing outside in the streets.

“The MVA Fund, urges all motorists, community members, parents, and guardians to retain the joy in the hearts of the little ones by keeping them safe from all traffic-related injuries and fatalities during the holiday,” Sidney Boois, Chief of Corporate Affairs at the Fund said.

Meanwhile those between the age group of 16 to 35 accounted for 57%, therefore, Boois stressed, that as much as it is imperative for motorist to act in a certain manner so as to evade preventable injuries and fatalities, it is also the parents or guardians responsibility to ensure that children remain safe on the roads.

“MVA Fund would like to urge all motorists to play their part in the #SlowDownAndSaveLives campaign by driving safely around residential neighbourhoods or other areas where kids might be present such as playgrounds and shopping complexes whilst being wary of the children’s unpredictable nature,” Boois said.

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