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You think of 5 million Guides and I’ll think of the other 5 million

You think of 5 million Guides and I’ll think of the other 5 million

It is not easy to think about 10 million people spread across 146 countries but that is what the Girl Guides of Namibia set as their goal at the end of April on what they call Thinking Day.

Preparations for this special activity day started earlier in April, thus it was with a sense of expectation that the Guides convened at their lodge in Windhoek about ten days later.

The theme for this year’s Thinking Day was “Impact” so the girls decided to launch their waste management project featuring the production and use of compost, on that specific day. Not only were they thinking about all the Guides the world over, they also reflected about their own environment and how to help it. This lead to much excitement and already the local Guides have come up with sterling ideas to make an impact with their compost project.

Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guides Association of Namibia, Mrs Gretta Gaspar, said “World Thinking Day remains a day for all Guides and Girl Scouts to think of each other and celebrate their sisters and brothers all around the world. Thinking Day is all about bringing positive change.”

They started the day with a colourful uniform parade where both brownies and guides formed their patrols and sixes. Mrs Gaspar then read a message from the chief of the Girl Guides World Board. This was followed by a day of fun, enjoying refreshments and having their own braai.

Guiding is approved as an extra-mural activity by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture. The Namibian association’s patron is the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, and the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah.



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