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More meat to EU

Meatco’s Value Addition Plant, which produces deboned game and lamb, is expected to start exporting products to the European Union and other high value markets soon.
“We have been ready to export for quite a while,” says Plant Manager Jan Schutte, “but we have only recently received the go-ahead from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry’s Directorate of Veterinary Services .”
The approval for the plant to export to the European Union is still pending however, as Veterinary Services which is the local competent authority, only recommends the approval of the plant for export to the EU.  The EU members themselves grant the final approval that will allow export to their countries.
Meatco said traditionally, selling live animals to South Africa was the main marketing avenue for sheep producers. Namibian lamb was traded as a commodity and mixed with South African product. This meant that lamb products originating from Namibia did not have the opportunity to differentiate itself in the market.
Meatco has already developed lamb and game products under the Natures Reserve brand by applying its unique competencies to produce meat products of exceptional quality, in accordance with world class specifications within an ethically sound environment. Meatco’s client base is well established and access to the European Union for lamb and game will allow the meat corporation to extract more value from its products.

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