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Promoting legal education to ensure tomorrow’s leading lawyers

Promoting legal education to ensure tomorrow’s leading lawyers

The Law Society of Namibia announced it has renewed bursaries to seven law students and awarded new bursaries to three more. The Law Society has been providing substantial bursaries to law students since shortly after Independence.

Many of the Law Society’s former bursary holders are today senior lawyers in the local legal fraternity. Some have even become ministers.

Joining these august ranks are Loide Auwanga (UNAM), Minverva Calvar Collazo (UNAM), MC Engelbrecht (UNAM), Cornelia Hausiku (Rhodes University), Lahja Nangolo (UNAM), Victoria Naunyango (UNISA) and Ethan Sipapela (UNAM). These seven students are existing bursary holders and had their bursaries extended for 2018.
The three new recipients are Cara Allen (UNAM), Lloyd Bock (UNAM) and Winnie Katjiuongua (UNAM).

The Law Society stated that it is part of its policy to promote the education of law students so that they can enter the profession. Collectively, this year’s bursaries come to a total of N$232,000.

Two thirds of the bursaries are funded by the Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund and one third by the Namibian Legal Practitioners Trust. The Law Society expressed it gratitude to these two institutions stating that support to law students is not possible without funding from the fund and the trust.

Top Row, from the left, Loide Auwanga, Minerva Collazo and MC Engelbrecht.
Second Row, Cornelia Hausiku, Lahja Nangolo and Victoria Naunyango.
Third Row, Ethan Sipapela.
Botton Row, Cara Allen, Lloyd Bock and Winnie Katjiuongua.



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