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Dorob regulations rule

Map of entire Dorob National Park.

Map of entire Dorob National Park.

Namibian Coastal Conservation and Management (NACOMA) recently released the 2012 Dorob National Park rules and regulations for visitors to the coast during the festive season.
The Dorob National Park was declared in Government Notice No. 266 of 1 December 2010.
Being one of the most unique parks in the world, the Dorob National Park along the central Namibian coast caters for various leisure, tourism and sports activities while also providing for conservation measures and specific conservation areas.
Visitors to the Dorob National Park, who wish to enjoy the various leisure, sports and tourism activities in the park are notified that they should familiarize themselves with and obey the regulations, laws and rules, contained in the information pamphlets. For further clarification they can also consult with the coastal offices of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism at Swakopmund or Walvis Bay.

Holidaymakers are encouraged to enjoy themselves but within the respective laws, rules and regulations. These apply in all cases, whether travelling on proclaimed roads, relaxing on beaches or angling along the coastline.
Anglers and beachgoers are advised to utilize the access roads to the beaches, clearly indicated by road signs at turnoffs between Swakopmund and Henties Bay, and Henties Bay and the Ugab River. By keeping to these access roads, unnecessary tracks in the desert can be avoided. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism  has pledged to maintain these access roads and a plan is in place to provide corrugation maintenance equipment for stakeholders to support Ministry of Environment and Tourism.
Quad bikes and other motorised bikes are prohibited on beaches between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, in all areas north of Henties Bay, and on the beaches at the seafronts of Henties Bay, Wlotzkasbaken, Swakopmund, and the Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) camp sites. They are also not permitted in the area between Omaruru River and the Ugab River, however they may drive 10 km upstream of the coast within the Omaruru River.
Permits are not required for the use of a vehicle in other permitted areas or when driving on park routes in the Dorob National Park however people need to familiarize themselves with the regulations. It is a serious offence to leave bait or food scraps anywhere in the park or to feed wild animals as this upsets nature. Overnighting or camping in the Dorob National Park is only allowed in officially designated areas and by virtue of a permit issued by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.
A permit should also be obtained from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism when people want to conduct any trade or business within the boundaries of the park. This also applies to competitions, events or any commercial undertakings.


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