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EU-funded projects diversify livelihood of Nyae Nyae San communities

EU-funded projects diversify livelihood of Nyae Nyae San communities

The EU Ambassador to Namibia, HE Jana Hybaskova recently visited several project sites in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy area, following the announcement marking the closure of the EU Climate Change Grant. The conservancy is home to a large number of Bushmen, scattered across several settlements.

This was an opportunity for the official to see what had effectively been achieved on the ground during the project’s duration.

The Ambassador revisited two villages she visited twice before when the project was in its early days. She observed that much progress has been made and the changes were clearly visible. At the same time, the people of the conservancies were rightly proud of their achievements.

According to a statement released by the embassy, gardens were cultivated, food was diversified, fruit trees produced, cattle was well herded and water availability had been secured.

“A real tangible and dramatic improvement for the conservancy residents and one that has truly empowered them and make them feel more secure and confident about their futures,” she noted

The Ambassador had a follow-up meeting with Chief Tsamkao, of the Ju/’hoansi Traditional Authority where the Chief and the tribal leaders thanked the EU for their interest, engagement and investment in the area.

The project has focused on diversifying livelihoods of the local San community through agriculture, livestock management, Devils Claw harvesting and rangeland management to improve food security and resilience to climate change shocks.

The project has also supported the expansion of water infrastructure and storage to support increased agricultural activities and the sustenance of livestock.



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