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For the love of the Namibian landscape

There is but one thing that strongly distinguishes Photo Volker from its competitors and that is the size in which you can get your photographs printed.
Established six years ago, Photo Volker has not only grown in size but also managed to capture the attention of residents and visitors alike at the coast.
Upon passing by on a recent trip to the coast, the Economist was blown away by the splendid sight of the magnificent photographs at the now-open Photo Volker, at “The Boardwalk” at Walvis Bay’s Waterfront. The gallery specialises in showing pictures with a 3D effect on blocked canvas.
Volker Pesch, owner of the gallery said “tourists from any part of the world can take the picture with them, simply because it gets rolled up, which makes it much smaller and more portable.”
He said that one of the first challenges that clients consider before buying the photographs, is thinking how they will carry such a large item home and the second is blocking the canvas back home for hanging but its is fairly easy as all it requires is a little time and effort.
Photo Volker opened its second gallery in Walvis Bay which concentrates on the needs and wants of foreigners, seeing that it is based at the waterfront.
The photographs are printed on canvas and with some editing, the picture creates a 3D effect. “Its just a normal photo, but it looks much more alive,” said Pesch with great enthusiasm.
He said that they have a portfolio from which clients can choose, and design is also done according to   specifications.
Pesch said most of their local clients are those that have big conference rooms, which are spacious and not heavily decorated.
He added that whilst they are trying to reach out to tourists, they also want to capture the interest of locals. “We are trying to sell Large Format Prints to lodges and hotels, as this is where tourists meet and embrace the nature and landscape of the country. But it is also where local visitors book in for business and work trips. This is their chance to see the beauty of the country through photography.”
Pesch said with the beauty that the country has to offer, advantage should be taken, and turn this beauty into striking visuals. “Namibia is such a breath taking country, people must fill up the walls with the scenery.”
He said their biggest challenge is getting people to come to the gallery and view the work.
Pesch told the Economist that he started of as a normal photographer with passport and ordinary pictures but over the years, he developed a special passion for landscape photography, which he enjoys most.

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