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Cancer Association launches ‘Ring a Bell’ for survivors

Cancer Association launches ‘Ring a Bell’ for survivors

The Cancer Association of Namibia launched the ‘Ring the Bell’ campaign this week to celebrate survivorship, hope, the beginning of a new life once cancer treatment is completed.

Rolf Hansen, Chief Executive Officer of CAN said so much stigma surrounds cancer, the treatment thereof, the difficulties faced during and after a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

“And, although there is much hardship and pain during cancer treatment, it is when a patient has survived and a new beginning in their lives beckon, that we now ‘Ring a Bell’ to signal loud and clear, I am a victor, I am a survivor, I am a beacon signaling that there is hope,” he said.

He explained that for patients with cancer and their healthcare, the ringing of the bell is a significant moment, a point in time that signals the end of active treatment and the beginning of a life free of cancer.

“When patients finish their last round of treatment, they ring a bell that is affixed to the wall in the treatment centre,” he said.

He said that patients generally stay with CAN at their House Acacia Interim Home during treatment and they support patients through the Circle of Hope and Patient Financial Assistance Programme.

“But now, we want to go the extra step and allow patients to signal their victory by ringing the bell and motivating other patients to carry on the fight and ring the golden bell themselves soon too,” he added.

For the initiative pharmaceutical company, Roche partnered with the Association as the sponsor for the first ever ‘Ring a Bell’ campaign in the country.


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