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Even cheetahs have a Day

Cheetah Conservation Fund director, Dr Laurie Marker reminded the world this week that the wild cheetah population needs special protection. Speaking on International Cheetah Day on Tuesday, the conservationist called on the international community to remember the cheetah on this day, reflect on the importance of this iconic species, and act to support foundation in its efforts to secure the cheetah’s future.
“We stand at a moment where this amazing animal could disappear in less than 20 years if we don’t do anything to stop it,” says Dr. Marker. “International Cheetah Day serves to remind us that the cheetah, like all wildlife, is a treasure of our planet. Wildlife enhances our landscapes and can support livelihoods when utilized in a sustainable manner. When a species becomes extinct, everyone loses.”
Dr Market has just returned from her extensive annual USA tour where she lectures on cheetah conservation.

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