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Medical Fund comes up with innovative ways to cater for fitness ‘junkies’

Medical Fund comes up with innovative ways to cater for fitness ‘junkies’

The Namibia Medical Fund (NMC) launched its Healthy living/Healthy lifestyle activity plan for this year (and beyond) with a Zumba session for staff held in Windhoek recently.

NMC Fund Manager, Ben Nandago said, “Given the new regulations on wellness parameters for the Medical Aid Funds, we decided to come up with innovative ways to cater for those who enjoy doing what keeps them healthy and makes them happy.

“In this fast-paced world, fitness has become critically important to overall health. With this in mind NMC thought it was good to start with showing how exercises benefit individuals, and what a better way to start than with our employees at a place where nearly all of us spend the majority of our

time; at the workplace,” he added.

NMC, in partnership with various local fitness clubs and instructors, will hold a series of fitness and wellness activities for both members and nonmembers from now until next year, and beyond. These activities will include boot camps, Zumba, and fitness for families including children.

Events are scheduled to be held in different areas, and will be conducted in a manner which boosts community morale and team spirit.

Nandago added that getting fit through regular exercise will go a long way towards reducing illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, osteoporosis and arthritis among others.

Meanwhile reminded its members that the discontinuation of the gym rebates was as a result of a court decision that was enforced by NAMFISA and that all Namibian funds were informed about on 15 December 2017. This decision was communicated to members as soon as the directive was given by NAMFISA.

Caption: Team spirit; Some of the employees who participated in the Zumba session recently held at the Methealth Head Office in Windhoek.


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