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Namibian Ambassador joins first Indonesia Africa Forum in Bali

Namibian Ambassador joins first Indonesia Africa Forum in Bali

Namibian delegates joined representatives of 46 other African countries at the first Indonesia Africa Forum, held last week in Bali.

The meeting was opened by Vice President Jusuf Kalla and attended by more than 570 delegates consisting of government officials and businessmen from 47 African countries. H.E Anne Namakau Mutelo, the Namibian Ambassador to Indonesia, as well as representatives from the National Housing Enterprise, Road Contracting Company and several other local businesses visited the two-day forum.

Indonesian enterprises inked several large deals with African countries of more than one billion American dollars. It was further agreed between African and Indonesian delegates to increase cooperation on the financing of specific projects.

The forum endorsed further South South technical cooperation with the Government of Indonesia committing to double its current African scholarship programme and triple its capacity building support.

In a televised panel discussion, delegates looked at business issues from a policymaker perspective. Some 30 speakers made presentations during these discussions.

The forum also attracted the interest of many Indonesian businesses that are keen to engage African partners in business ventures. For this purpose, a large exhibition showcased Indonesian capacity in industrial manufacturing.

Various B2B meetings were held in the wings of the main meeting to enhance cooperation between Indonesian and African business interests.



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