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Anthrax Outbreak contained – Environment Ministry

Anthrax Outbreak contained – Environment Ministry

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) spokesperson Romeo Muyunda recently said that the anthrax outbreak in the West part of Bwabwata National Park in the Kavango East Region has been contained by the Anthrax Containment Team.

The Anthrax containment team which consisted of representatives from Ministry of Environment and Tourism; Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry; Ministry of Health and Social Services and Ministry of Fisheries and Marines Resources managed to contain the disaster that killed a number of wild animals last year after some inteventions.

“During the outbreak, no clinical cases of anthrax were detected in human and livestock. The Ministry of Health and Social Services put 724 people on prophylaxis treatment against anthrax mainly in the Mukwe Constituency as a precautionary measure,”said Muyunda.

Muyunda reported, 3000 cattle from 11 crush pens and 1010 goats were vaccinated against the outbreak.

“The ministry of tourism with the assistant of Namibia Helicopter vaccinated a total of 216 animal which include 125 sables, 65 roan, 15 tsessebe, 10 hippo and one lion. And we thank Namibia Helicopter Services for donating vaccines and helicopter and the outstanding support, said Muyunda.

According to Muyunda the Ministry conducted awareness campaigns and the cooperation of the public was remarkable during the outbreak.

In addition the ministry further thanked the Botswana government, the Air Wing of the Namibian Police Force, Dr Ortwin Achenborn and Dr Caitlin Cossaboom in the active assistant in the containment outbreak, and also the NamParks IV Project for their assistance in the protective gear.



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