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The Gray day for scholars and fellows

In their recent end of year function, the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation shared the success they have had with their benefactors and beneficiaries. With education being the cornerstone of success, the foundation is currently at the forefront of providing scholarships and fellowships to Namibia’s most promising students. “The main objective is it help young people to find their way by bridging a gap between their personalities and their professional rapport creating young holistic individuals who will influence the society in a dynamic manner.” said Head of the Namibian Group Foundation, Rukee Moelanjane. One of the beneficiaries was extremely positive and said that the foundation assisted her to realize that the time is now to achieve her dreams. The close guidance of the foundation has also allowed other individuals to realize that in the darkest of times a support system is available. The foundation is a non-profit organisation which helps to ensure that it maintains its focuses its support activities. This will ease the process of ensuring the goal of having 50 beneficiaries by 2014 more feasible. In the collage are scholars Letta Neil (left) and Esperance Luvindao; the fellows Winnie Ndalo and Tanja Eiman and on the right, the trustees Prof. Peter Katjavavi and Dr. Omu Kakujaha.

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