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Professionals less confident

Confidence among Namibia’s graduate professionals recorded a slight decline in the third quarter of the year, according to the results of the latest PPS Namibia Graduate Professional Confidence Index (PCI), which tracks the confidence levels of more than 203 of Namibia’s 4-year graduates.
According to Adri Vermeulen, Chief Executive of PPS Namibia, while the overall confidence level among Namibian graduate professionals fell 2 percentage points to 67% from the previous three months, it should also be borne in mind that overall confidence levels remain high.
“Given the current global economic uncertainty, arising from the ongoing debt crises in Europe and the US, as well as political concerns in South Africa, it is not surprising that confidence levels have waned slightly as these issues can easily impact on the Namibian economy.”
The index revealed that confidence regarding the economic outlook for Namibia for the next 12 months fell 4 percentage points to 73%, while confidence that the worst of the economic crisis has passed also fell 2 percentage points to 55%.

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