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Communications regulator hosts consultative meeting on Type Approval Regulations in Walvis Bay

Communications regulator hosts consultative meeting on Type Approval Regulations in Walvis Bay

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) held a stakeholder’s consultative meeting in Walvis Bay on the Regulations in Respect for the Type Approval meeting and Technical Standards for Telecommunications Equipment.

The regulator said the regulations are applicable to all telecommunications equipment used, sold,offered for sale or connected to an electronic communications within Namibia and are applicable to all persons, whether legal or natural persons, and to the state.

“CRAN deemed it necessary to engage stakeholders through the meet to provide the necessary information on the guidelines, procedures and regulations to be adhered on the Type Approval Regulations and Procedures,” said Chief Executive Officer Festus Mbandeka.

“The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that technical equipment used in Namibia comply with international standards and that sub-standards equipment which may present health and safety hazards to consumers, and that are incompatible with local networks are not operated in the country,” Mbandeka said.

Additionally, the type approval regulations ensure that the general operating frequency of telecommunications frequency and in particular radio apparatus are in conformance with national frequency band plan in Namibia to avoid interference with essential services.

Mbandeka said, complete Type Approval applications maybe considered within forty days provided that such applications are complete and submitted on the required Form 1 application document, accompanied by the required documents upon payment of the applicable application fee.

“However, original equipment manufacturers outside Namibia may provide a letter of authorization to a local or third party to apply on their behalf. And this letter of authorization should clearly state the company that has been granted permission to apply for type approval in the Republic of Namibia on behalf of equipment manufacturer,” he added.

According to CRAN, telecommunications equipment that is temporarily imported into Namibia for re- export do not require a type approval certificate, due to variance in reasons for temporary importation, the authority must receive such a request at least two weeks in advance for consideration.

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