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Gender violence solution organisation launches 3-year project to promote human rights awareness

Gender violence solution organisation launches 3-year project to promote human rights awareness

The Monica Gender Violence Solution Organization (MGVS) launched a three-year project to combat violence and crime as well as promote human rights awareness.

The project commenced on the 1 April and will be implemented throughout the whole of the Khomas Region.

Petronela Namushinga, Director, Monica Gender Violence Solution Organisation said since their inception in 2015 they have focused on extensive research, seminars, offering help to victims and perpetrators and advocating for developed violence crime free environments.

“We have recognized a loophole in place of service offering and our male and child target market are not coming through in satisfactory number, however we have cases of child abuse and rape,” she explained.

She said that they have received complaints on men but most men are not coming through to share their experiences with them.

Shaanika Nashilongo, Founder of the organisation said that they are aware of the silent sufferings people not empowered enough to avoid certain situation or deal with them in the effective manner go thorough.

“It is on such basis that the project of house to house and school visits is established by MGCS with the help of the University of Namibia that shall avail well equipped students to work with our volunteers on this project seven days a week,” he explained.

He said the main aim of the project shall be to disseminate information regarding gender based violence and crime, enlighten individuals on the basics of Human Rights Law, listen to and observe difficult home and community experiences and formulate solutions and altogether tackle and eliminate gender based violence and crime.

“At MGVS we are about creating concrete solutions that stem from the root, therefore we want to keep our people away from the life threatening point at which they are not afraid to destroy their life or that of another human being, therefore we need them to value life and instil emotional maturity in them,” added Petronela Namushinga.

By the end of the project MGVS are confident that all gender and age markets would be attending workshops and training for further development as they will now have an account on the importance of information acquisition. They plead with the nation to give their full cooperation and enable a smooth progression of this project for the people.

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