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Windows 8 shipped this week

On 26 October this year, the Windows 8 operating system was officially launched worldwide. The launch in Namibia officially took place on 29 November with the local public given an opportunity to learn about the new features of the new interface.
The new operating system allows touch screen interactions which have been popularized by smart-phones and tablets. On boot up, the immediate difference is the presence of fancy tiles which give an indication of the folder structure. The user can now slide through tiles and icons manipulating them to suit his or her personal needs. This fun and interactive interface further provides the option to arrange files based on frequency of usage.
With a faster booting time, Windows 8 allows the users to automatically log on to whatever work they were working on before shutdown. There are quick launch icons that allow the user to work on certain documents before officially logging in onto one’s account. This feature is not only nifty and convenient but also allows for certain security benefits. The general manager of Microsoft in East and Southern Africa Mr. Eric Odipo explains that the applications such as the “kids corner“ can be kept separate from other system functionality.  Serving as a form of parental control, this feature disables access of a child to sensitive documents that may be on the system.
“Windows 7 was the highest selling operating system. With Windows 8, we focussed on upgrading the system to make it more interactive”, explained Odipo. “Based on the feedback that has been received from partners and various clients who have operated Windows 8 over the past year, the response has been positive.” “The operating system allows syncing between tablets, phones and desktop running Windows 8 allowing an individual to manoeuvre through their personal files from virtually anywhere.”
In the regular fashion, Windows 8 will be sold in packages. Windows Pro for companies and Windows 8 RT for smaller outfits and private individuals.

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