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Bank commemorates World AIDS Day

 Marjolize Scholtz, Bank Windhoek’s wellness officer (Photograph contributed)Bank Windhoek has joined millions of people worldwide to create awareness about HIV/AIDS and the devastating effect it has on society, as well as the personal moral of those living with HIV/AIDS.
“1 December is International World Aids Day, a day on which we reflect on HIV/AIDS and its effect on each of us. HIV/AIDS is a life threatening disease and employees should be reminded about the impact thereof,” said Marjolize Scholtz, Bank Windhoek’s wellness officer.
Bank Windhoek’s internal HIV/AIDS campaign started off with five e-mail teasers that triggered the employees’ thinking about how they will handle the news, should they be diagnosed as HIV positive. The theme for Bank Windhoek’s HIV/AIDS Campaign this year is: “What if you were HIV positive? Remember to make every day count”.
According to Scholtz, “the message applies to every one of us, whether you are HIV positive or HIV negative. Every human being on earth has this one fact in common. Our time to make a difference is limited. We must think hard about the purpose of our lives and be determined about the legacy or gift we want to leave behind.”
Each Bank Windhoek employee received a red HIV/AIDS ribbon to wear on this day as well as a silicone wristband with the words, “Make every day Count”, printed on it.
“This theme can be applied in our daily lives by promoting a positive attitude in general,” Scholtz concluded.

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