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Meatco products safe from listeriosis risk

Meatco products safe from listeriosis risk

Following the outbreak of listeriosis in neighbouring South Africa, Meatco has stated that its corned meat is cooked in a sterilized can and it is safe to consume.

According to Meatco Quality Assurance Executive, Rosa Katjivena, the basic purpose of this packaging is to protect the meat products from undesirable impacts on quality, including microbiological and physio-chemical alterations.

She added that the company’s Quality Assurance personnel continually monitor incoming raw products to ensure compliance with relevant standards, microbiological standards, and government regulations.

“Our canned meat range is part of the legacy of Meatco’s production since the early 1980s. The Texan, Eloolo and Ranch brands, which are household names in Namibia and Southern Africa, are part of a long and proud tradition for Meatco,” Katjivena said.

Furthermore, the company’s canning operation annually produces almost 16 million cans of corned meat of various sizes according to specific recipes. The canned products are ISO 9001, HACCP- and Halaal-certified.

Recently, the World Health Organisation regarded the listeriosis outbreak in South Africa as the worst in global history. Symptoms of listeria usually appear within two to three days after exposure. People most at risk of getting sick from listeria exposure are: pregnant women, babies, the elderly and those with weak immune systems.

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