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Influential women commemorate International Women’s Day

Influential women commemorate International Women’s Day

The Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation held their International Women’s Day Networking Breakfast Meeting on 8 March at the Independence Memorial Museum, where women of influence in their respective arenas commemorated, International Women’s Day.

Martha Mbombo, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare said at the Breakfast the theme for this year is ‘From Peace in the Home, to Peace in Namibia: Press for Progress’. “In spirit of the theme, let us press for progress to ensure that every woman and girl child is counted, and in line with the upcoming 62nd Commission on the Status of Women, let us press for progress to ensure that our rural women and girls are empowered and protected,” she emphasised.

She said that the struggle for women empowerment and emancipation is real and it is important to make our numbers count and not just counting the numbers. She applauded Namibia for making great stride and can be proud as a nation that can stand out at any international platform and acknowledge the positive progress that has been achieved to make sure that numbers are not just being counted but are making women count.

“We are showing positive increase in numbers in areas that are already and will significantly influence the quality of leadership and influence women can make in our country and in addition we have the necessary legislative environment to protect and promote all human rights for women and girls,” she informed.

She noted that Namibia has commitment to promote Women, Peach and Security (WPS) because the adoption UN resolution 1325 has been championed and is in the process of finalizing its National Action Plan on Women, Peach and Security aimed at effective coordination of programmes and activities relating to WPS amongst all stakeholders.

She urged that every women and girl should be accounted for and to ensure that a collected disaggregated data account to be created for every women and girls making.

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