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My Beautiful Nightmare

Bruised? Hurt? Lost a loved one?, this one’s for you

This year has been rocked with the worst cases of violence against women that Namibia has ever seen. As part of the 16 days of Activism against violence on women, Sister Namibia and AfricAvenir have joined forces to bring movie lovers a film night and Feminist Forum featuring a film by Perivi Katjavivi, “My Beautiful Nightmare”.
My Beautiful Nightmare is a short film that tells the story of a young girl bruised by the big city,  who seems incapable of escaping her destructive lifestyle. But when she gets battered, the experience leaves her shaken and forces her to rethink what she’s doing and how far she has strayed from the freedom and innocence of her childhood. The young woman finds herself in the darkest of hours and the traumatic experience she goes through, serves as a catalyst to awaken her and remind her of her true identity. Through vivid dreams and memories of her childhood she’s liberated from her painful reality.
Katjavivi says the film portrays our lives. “We were all once young and innocent but as we grow older we lose that child-like essence and joy”. The film also highlights the increasing problems of gender based violence in our communities. All in all, it serves to demonstrate the ability of someone to transcend even the most difficult of circumstances”.
My Beautiful Nightmare has been nominated for four film awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Newcomer for actress Sheena Schwartz, at the Namibian Theatre and Film awards which are set to take place at the National Theatre this Saturday.
Screening of the film takes place on Monday, 26 November at 19:00, at the Windhoek Theatre School. Entrance is free.

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