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Commemorative book documenting the Law Society’s 11 year milestones launched

Commemorative book documenting the Law Society’s 11 year milestones launched

The Law Society of Namibia (LSN) on Friday launched a Commemorative Book (2005-2016) which features all the activities, photographs, events and recently obtained photographs of legal practitioners admitted up to November 2016.

The event was graced by the Minister of Justice, Hon. Sacky Shanghala, who was the guest speaker.

The Director of the Law Society, Retha Steinmann at the event said at the start of the project neither the compilers nor the editor realised the extent to which the final publication would grow, from 224 pages to 300 pages.

According to Steinmann, the book also contains photographs of the members who were elevated to the bench during the 11 year period as well as members who passed away. Furthermore information on bursary recipients and individual membership photographs are also contained in the book.

Steinmann was responsible for the book and as the custodian of the information and photographers, she found it fitting to preserve data acquired over the years.

“Some of you will know that I am seldom at a function without a camera trying to capture the moment and the people. Therefore this eventually created a comprehensive visual archive of all the activities conducted under the banner of the Law Society of Namibia,” she said.

Hon. Sacky Shanghala pledged his support and cooperation to the Law Society and encouraged the society to generate their own intellectual resources.

“I want to thank the team that has put together this new commemorative book, the hard work and dedication that it takes to produce such a historical gem often unseen and not always appreciated as it should be,” he said.

Meanwhile, the book is divided into chapters derived from various Chairpersons’ Report, providing summaries of the highlights achievements and challenges of each year, and was completed in a year.

Caption: Hon. Sacky Shanghala, Minister of Justice receiving the Commemorative Book from Retha Steinmann, Director of the Law Society of Namibia.



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