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Katuka- Empowering women

At a glamorous cocktail function held on Wednesday, 14 November, mentors and mentees from the Katuka Mentorship Programme were officially awarded with recognition certificates by Inge Zaamwani-Kamwi, Managing Director of Namdeb Diamond Corp and Patron of the program for their contribution, progress and successful completion of the Mentorship Programme. Currently in its eleventh year, Katuka is a mentorship programme which was launched by the late Lena Markus, former Economist Businesswoman of the year 2000. The programme aims to empower and encourage entrepreneurs, business and professional women to achieve success in their careers through mentorship by seasoned business and professional women. It is a method of advancement which provides support and training through relationship building. To date, 213 entrepreneurs have completed the programme and the 2013 programme will commence in February.

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