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RDP denies manipulating striking teachers

The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) denied claims made by Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development, Jerry Ekandjo that the striking teachers were instigated by the opposition parties and in particular RDP.
According to a statement issued by the party’s spokesperson, Jeremiah Nambinga, Ekandjo made those allegation at Eenhana in the Ohangwena region.
“Jerry Ekandjo must be reminded that teachers are professionals and not political appointees. They qualify as teachers because they are intelligent and capable of determining what is good for them and the nation. For Jerry Ekandjo to imply that the striking teachers are manipulated by opposition political parties for political expedience is not only an attempt to undermine their intelligence but it is a serious insult of the worst order,” he said.
He said it is on record that most of the Namibian teachers have played a significant role in the liberation struggle of this country and were unfortunately perceived by the colonisers then that they were manipulated by the liberation movement.
“Is Jerry Ekandjo’s remarks a pure co-incidence or is it a sign that once in power, one can easily become politically blind? Jerry must be honest to admit that his Party, SWAPO, is failing the Namibian nation particularly teachers and nurses,” said Nambinga.
He said the minister must be reminded that teachers, nurses, civil servants are neither blind nor ignorant and that they have been observing how Namibian politicians have been regularly reviewing their already high salaries at the cost of civil servants.
“If this government had the political will and vision of priorities it could have negotiated in good faith and found a mutually beneficial solution that is conducive to peace and stability,” he added.
“On the score that RDP is failing and is tribalistic, it is but a figment of Jerry’s imagination. Jerry must be told in no uncertain terms that if there is a political party that is perpetuating tribalism in this country, that party is no other than SWAPO. His fielding as a candidature against the incumbent Vice President of his party is nothing more than tribalism in its truest form,” said Nambinga.

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