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Go green with holiday shopping

OLS-eco-bags-Nov-2011During this holiday season Manica Group Namibia wants to encourage residents and visitors to the coast to help keep our environment clean by not littering on beach areas. It is estimated that a plastic bag or bottle takes more than 500 years to degrade. Plastic bags and lashings pose a serious threat to sea turtles and other marine animals, not to mention the unsightly view of a dune littered with waste. As part of the drive to promote sustainability and to create awareness of the environment, Manica has acquired 1200 reusable cotton bags valued at more than N$11 000 to hand out to the public. Manica’s staff handed out the free eco-friendly shopping bags on 2 December at various shopping centres and other locations in Walvis Bay. (Picture) Manica staff eco shopping bags.

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