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Cars, bakkies, trucks, bikes and glitzy accessories – all on nbc1

Cars, bakkies, trucks, bikes and glitzy accessories – all on nbc1

Speed junkies and everything shiny with wheels are on the menu for the next fifteen weeks in the nbc’s newest show for the automotive industry which started this week.

Launching the new series in partnership with the sponsor, Standard Bank, and the producer, NamAuto, the nbc announced that Wednesday evening’s broadcast schedule now includes a programme dedicated to the motor trade and all related aspects. The programme is broadcast on nbc1, every Wednesday at 19:30. Production of the first fifteen episodes, comprising the first series, have already been completed.

Called the NamAuto Show, the first series showcases car dealers, new models, well-known personalities in the automotive industry, motor sport and product launches. The overall focus is local with previews on dealerships, spares suppliers, tyre companies and a wide variety of other vehicles and accessories vendors.

“The show will provide advertising opportunities to businesses to advertise their products and service offerings in the local motor market. Our aim is to maximize efforts that will drive the sales for our clients and sponsors by ensuring that they get value for their money through quality content and advertising” said the nbc’s New Business & Research Manager, Nico Mwiya.

The series also features interviews with Namibians in the motor trade. “Me & My Car” forms part of the programme, a segment which will feature Namibian personalities with their cars.

nbc Director General, Stanley Similio said “The nbc pursues content that provides commercial value to both viewers and businesses therefore we focus on content that adds value to our clientele.”

The first episode came at a most opportune time when the vehicle trade has suffered an almost 50% decline in sales over the past 24 months. With this locally-produced series, the nbc fullfill its SADC obligation of producing more local content programmes, and helping to support and promote an industry which has been impacted severely by the economic recession.

Captured at Tuesday’s NamAuto Show launch, Niel van Vuuren, the General Manager at NamAuto, Ekkerd van Wyk, Pupkewitz Toyota’s Managing Director, Stanley Similo, the nbc’s Director General and.Quinten Potgieter, Standard Bank’s Marketing Manager.



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